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AutoMute Utility 1.0


AutoMute is a simple, fast and compact utility. It designed to automatically mute your computer speakers when you lock your workstation or when screensaver starts. AutoMute turns mute off automatically when you unlock your workstation or exit screensaver.
AutoMute takes only about 300K on disk, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


After quick installation, AutoMute places itself in the system tray area:
AutoMute in system tray area (screenshot)
Figure 1. AutoMute in system tray area

By default, clicking the AutoMute icon in the system tray area
opens Properties dialog:
By clicking «Contacts & Updates» you get access to the feedback forms, update checks, and version information.
Also, in Demo version, you have a link to purchase the full AutoMute version.

AutoMute Properties Dialog (screenshot)
Figure 2. AutoMute Properties Dialog

AutoMute Contacts and Updates menu (screenshot)
Figure 3. AutoMute Contacts and Updates menu

Demo vs Full version

The demo version is totally free and provides the same functionality as the full version, but the demo version does not save the setting («Mute when…» and «On tray icon click») when AutoMute restarts. The full version costs as little as USD $9.95.

Get It From Here!

  1. Try the FREE demo (250K download size).
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