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Internet Access Stored Procedures for SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005 (Win32)

Important note

These procedures are implemented in xpFileUtils library.

SQL Internet Utilities Overview

This adds to T-SQL access to internet hosts and websites.

There are the following procedures:

  • xp_IsPortOpen checks (scans) if the host has the given port open;

  • xp_GetAddrByHost returns the IP address for the given host name;

  • xp_GetHostByAddr returns the host name for the given IP address;

  • xp_Ping returns statistics of ping operation like ping.exe utility does;

  • xp_CanPing only checks if the destination host can be pinged (e.g. reachable);

  • xp_TraceRoute returns statistics of trace route operation like tracert.exe utility does.

  • xp_Whois on the given internet address, performs requests to international WHOIS databases and returns any available registration data;

Example Example

Check if the host address ('localhost') is available using default parameters (3000 ms timeout, 4 attempts):

declare @result int

exec @result = master..xp_CanPing 'localhost'

if @result = 1
  print 'The destination host is available'
if @result = 0
  print 'The destination host is unavailable'
  print 'Network failure'

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