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3D Cover Box Designer


MasterCluster 3D Cover Box Designer is a FREE simple tool creating virtual cover boxes for your software products.

Quick Reference

Screenshot: 3D Cover Box Designer application

Main Menu

  • «File» menu includes commands to save, open and start a new project, and to save a ready 3D image into either *.bmp, *.jpg, or *.png.

  • «View» menu includes commands to manage box sizes and camera position.

  • «?» menu has «About» command which displays the application version and the registration info.

2D Pattern View

Represents a box pattern.

Use graphical editing program to paint the wallpapers for the required box sides (Front, Top, etc), and put them onto the respective box sides:

  • To load a wallpaper, double-click the respective box side on the pattern. Accepted formats are *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, and *.ico.

  • To remove a wallpaper, hold down «Ctrl» and double-click the respective box side.

  • Wallpapers can be drag-n-dropped between each other: hold left mouse button and drag cursor to the desired side.

  • Box width, height and thickness can be adjusted using sliders.

3D Options

Represents the 3D scene color settings.

  • «Background» is just a background color of the scene.

  • «Ambient Light» Color is a color of the ambient light of the scene. It has no source, so it is same to the daylight.

  • «Directional Light» Color is a color of the directional light of the scene. It is same to the bright lamp which enlights a thing. Its position can be adjusted by using sliders at the «3D Model View».

3D Model View

Real-time view of the box.

Hold left mouse button and drag the cursor around to rotate the 3D box.

  • The top slider is the Horizontal Position of the Directional Light.

  • The left slider is the Vertical Position of the Directional Light.

  • The bottom slider is the distance between the model and the spectator.

Get It From Here!

Download FREE full-functional 3D Cover Box Designer 1.2 (1MB)

This application requires DirectX 9.

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