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TabSet component


The mcTabset component is a descendant of Delphi standard TTabSet.

It provides the following new usefull features:

  • Rename tabs inplace
  • Change tabs order using mouse drag'n'drop

To rename a tab user can either:

  • Click and hold mouse pointer for about a second over the tab
  • Hold Ctrl key and then click a tab by mouse
  • Use an application-provided context menu

User can type a new tab name and press 'Enter' to confirm changes. Or, abandon changes by pressing 'Esc' or clicking mouse outside of the editor.

To change the Tab Order, user can simply drag any tab by mouse to a new position. Component displays a target indicator (a colored triangle) during the drag'n'drop process.

TmcTabset Reference

See the Demo Project for examples on use.

Download mcTabset Demo


property RenameTimeout: Cardinal;

A timeout (in milliseconds) before the tab name editor will be displayed (when user click and hold a mouse over the tab).

The property is Read/Write. Its default value is 700 ms.


procedure ShowEditor(Index: Integer);

Shows an inplace editor for the tab of a given Index.


An application can provide a context menu with 'Rename' command for the TabSet control. Its event handler can be as follows:
// ts: TMCTabset
// pmTabs: TPopupMenu
// pmTabsRename: TMenuItem

procedure TForm1.pmTabsRenameClick(Sender: TObject);
// Activates the inplace editor for the target tab


This component should be installed into the Delphi Component Palette. Use the component registration unit 'mcTabsReg.pas' for this purpose.

Example registration for Delphi 7:

  • From main Delphi menu select 'Component', 'Install Component…'. Dialog window will appear.
  • Browse 'Unit File Name' field to the location of mcTabsReg.pas file.
  • Press 'OK' to compile the component and register it in Delphi Component Palette.

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