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PGP component and functions

Library Overview

  • Uses only pure Delphi code and native PGP SDK dynamic-link libraries. No intermediate or third-party DLLs. Tested in Delphi 7.0, 2005, 2006.
  • Shrinks tens of lines of complex code required to perform PGP tasks to a single function call.
  • Supports PGP SDK versions 1.7.x and 2.x and requires one of that versions to be installed. See the «Prerequisites» section below.
  • All functions are dinamically linked to PGP SDK DLLs so your project will not crash on the client's computer where PGP hadn't yet been installed.
  • Default PGP Keyring access (only for version 1.7.x):
    • Retrieve the list of UserIDs from the Default Keyring;
    • Export and Import keys from/to Default Keyring;
    • Validate the secret key's password;
    • Read key info: UserID, Fingerprint (as a string of hex quads), and KeyID;
    • Decode and encode data using UserID: string to string, string to file, file to string, and file to file;
    • Sign messages on encode and retrieve signer(s) info on decode;
  • Standalone PGP routines (both SDK versions, does not require using of Keyring files at all):
    • Generate a key pair (secret and public keys);
    • Validate or change the secret key's password;
    • Read key info: User ID, Fingerprint (as a string of hex quads), Secret key (if present), Public key, Key ID, and IsSecretKey flag;
    • Replace all UserIDs existing in the Key by a single UserID. Can be also used to rename an UserID.
    • Decode and encode data using Private or Public Key: string to string, string to file, file to string, memory to memory, memory to file, file to memory, and file to file.
    • Sign messages on encode and retrieve signer(s) info on decode;
    • Create and verify the detached signatures.
  • Symmetric cipher (IDEA, 3DES, CAST5) and hash (MD5, SHA, RIPEMD160) components.
It does an excellent job for me — thank you.
Pawel Silberring

Your package does the job for me and the money was well invested!
Rastko Kos

Demo Overview

The demo package includes:

  • Complete manual in CHM format;
  • Interface part of the component's unit,;
  • PGP SDK interface unit source code, PGP_SDK.pas;
  • Sample application source code, MCPGPDemo;
  • Compiled sample program, MCPGPDemo.exe.

Sample application demonstrates how to:

  • Create a Secret Key and then use that Secret Key to
    • Encrypt,
    • Decrypt,
    • Sign, and
    • Verify data
  • Use different data sources and destinations, such as
    • from Text to Text,
    • Text to File,
    • File to Text, and
    • File to File.


You need to install PGP Freeware 6.5.8 (SDK 1.7.x) or PGP 7.0, 8.0 (SDK 2.x) to run the demo and/or use the «PGP component and functions» library.

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